Women in Engineering: FTL Team Spotlight

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Women in Engineering: FTL Team Spotlight
Women in Engineering: FTL Team Spotlight

As a leading engineering company in the UK, we take great strides in valuing each employee. We are an equal opportunity employer and we are opposed to discrimination on any grounds.

Engineering is vital to the UK- it contributes 26% to our GDP but the UK has the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in Europe at less than 10%; while other countries like Latvia, Bulgaria and Cyprus have nearly 30%.

Latest statistics published by Women’s Engineering Society reveal that 11% of the engineering workforce is female. Now whilst this is a positive rise from 9% in 2015, there’s still much more that can be done to increase diversity and to enable women in the UK to take up engineering.

Did you know that companies are 15% more likely to perform better if they are gender diverse? A diverse workforce encourages different perspectives, ideas and drives innovation.

Here at FTL Technology, we have a plethora of talented women who are very passionate about the sealing and materials industry. They enjoy working with companies across all industries including Aerospace & Defence, Oil & Gas and Chemical Processing to name a few; and they are committed to working in partnership with our customers through honesty, integrity and collaboration.

After all, we’re problem solvers who enjoy a challenge!

As a team, they are responsible for the internal management of allocated accounts, dealing with enquiry orders, project management and contract review. For many of our customers, they will most likely be your first point of contact.

So to put a face to a name, you can learn more about the key members of staff below...

Trina Haynes - Internal Account Manager

Trina Haynes- FTL Internal Account Manager

As the longest serving member of the internal sales team, Trina has worked at FTL Technology for four years now; having previously worked for West Yorkshire Police for 10 years.

With a history in sales and contract review, she looks after our Global Driveline sector which includes CTI (Central Tyre Inflation), and she works alongside the Business Development Director for that sector.

The internal sales team has come a long way since Trina joined and they now all work exceptionally well together, with a varied skill set.

Hannah Bradbury - Internal Account Manager

Hannah Bradbury- FTL Technology Internal Account Manager

As the newest member of the team, Hannah has worked for FTL for two years now. Her past career history included sales and account management.

Responsible for the internal management of the industrial sector which includes Pumps and Materials Handling, she oversees the day to day management of the accounts working alongside the Business Development Manager for that sector.

Having worked in the chemical industry, Hannah has brought with her many years of experience in account management and we’re thrilled to have her in the FTL family.

Laura Eden - Internal Account Manager

Laura Eden- FTL Technology Internal Account Manager

Laura has worked at FTL Technology for 2.5 years now, having first started her career as a sales administrator but quickly progressing to Internal Account Manager.

Laura is continuously looking to learn new skills and expand her knowledge base, and now manages accounts in both our heavy equipment and oil and gas sectors.

FTL recognises and nurtures developing talent within all our staff.

Angela Roberts-Senior Account Manager

Angela Roberts- FTL Technology Senior Account Manager

Angela has been at FTL for three years now and has a history in sales and account management within the engineering industry.

She oversees the day to day running of the team and offers support to all the internal account managers across all industries, whilst also being responsible for her own accounts in Driveline Europe and Heavy Equipment.

When speaking with the whole FTL team, customers can get peace of mind knowing they will always receive a high level of service that will exceed your expectations.

With a dedicated team available to discuss your company’s present and future requirements, get in touch today and together, we can help you find the solution to any sealing problem that you may have.

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