Compression Packings

Improve pump and valve efficiency while cutting fugitive emissions with our wide range of compression packings

Valve and Pump Packings

Gland packing, also known as braided, compression packing for valves and pumps, varies by both braid materials and braiding methods. Both gland packing and shaft packing for pumps and valves can be optimised with the correct material choice for the pressures, temperatures and media encountered. Ranging from cotton to graphite packing braid choices, our engineers can design a combination to perform best in your application.


  • Exceptional range of materials and braid options
  • Resistant to a wide range of temperatures and pressures
  • Universal chemical resistance
  • Low friction performance
  • Minimal economic losses due to product leaks
  • Easy installation

FTL Technology can identify the correct packing material for your requirements, with considerations ranging from pressure and temperature extremes through to material compatibility. By advising on the right choice of material, our engineers can help your pump or valve require less frequent maintenance and a longer lifespan.

Why FTL for Packings?
  • Product Quality | We enjoy a proud reputation for our consistently exceptional standards, working with both OEM and MRO alike
  • Flexibility | We supply standard and customised setups, as well as uniquely tailored sealing kits for every kind of pump and valve
  • Volume | We have the resources to meet both low and high volume requirements, delivering what you need when you need it
  • Support | We provide a uniquely personal service from the first call to completion, working hard to exceed every expectation 

Across oil and gas, power generation, food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications, our experienced team of sealing engineers can advise you on the optimal packing material for your exact specifications. With FTL Technology, your equipment will perform to a higher standard with greater reliability and lower operating costs.


Fugitive Emission Control (FEC)

Reduction of fugitive emissions is a critical concern for chemical plant and refinery operators to comply with environmental regulations. Coupled with the potential for significant cost-savings, finding the right sealing solution for industrial valves is crucial to safe and reliable operation.

Combining the extrusion resistance of a specially-selected packing material with the resilience of a high performance elastomer seal, a customised FEC sealing set from FTL Technology can ensure full compliance with fugitive emission control and keep any critical valve application running smoothly and cost-effectively.

FEC Sealing Sets: The Benefits
  • Meet safety obligations and regulations more efficiently
  • Minimise economic losses due to gas or other product leaks
  • Increased environmental responsibility

All FTL Technology fugitive emission control products conform to TA Luft legislature, and are compliant with ISO 15848, API 589 and API 622.

 TA-LUFT Accredited      ISO 15848      API 589      API 622

How can we help? Contact our team for any requirements with packing or FEC compliance, or chat with us online.

Compression Packings Guide

A guide to help you select the right type of packing in order to meet your application requirements, from general purpose to FEC and FDA.

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