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"Prior to working with FTL Technology we struggled to contain leaks on our large ribbon blenders. The OEM provided packed gland seal assemblies were prone to unpredictable, intermittent seal failures causing interruptions in production and issues with maintenance scheduling. FTL Technology provided technical advice and support from the outset and we decided on the Type AH MECO Seal as the most appropriate solution. the seals were much easier to install and maintain than our previous seals, and we are able to monitor the condition of the seals unlike before. Not only that, as they are FDA compliant and suitable for ATEX applications they gave us confidence that they were safe to use with our pharmaceutical products and also safe to use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The Type AH seals we use are extremely robust and have been able to cope with spikes in operating conditions without any detrimental effect.

We have had several years of carefree running using MECO seals on a variety of mixers and as a result we continue to work with FTL on challenging engineering and maintenance applications as their professional approach and continued support has enabled us to resolve issues and save valuable resources within our maintenance and reliability teams."

Mechanical Reliability Engineer at a leading animal health biotech facility


"I have known some of the sales and design engineers [at FTL Technology] for 25 years or more. Their level of expertise has been maintained. The help and assistance when we are looking at sealing arrangements is invaluable, and they are always quick to respond. We use FTL products for all pump assembly sealing requirements, for both rotary and dynamic applications associated with oil lubrication and water hydraulics.

I have no hesitation in recommending FTL to our customers and contacts when the occasion arises, and there is always good feedback. They have excellent customer facing engineers with a dedication to making sure the customer gets a product that will work - particularly in relation to heavy industry in the UK."

Engineering Project Manager for an established global high pressure systems OEM


"As a company we have worked with FTL Technology for a number of years, if not over a decade. I myself have had the pleasure of working with them on behalf of the Supply Chain team. One of the great benefits of working with FTL Technology are the stock holding agreements we have in place. This makes it easier for us to know the stock is ready when needed, and for FTL to be able to plan production. Once a SHA is running low we will always be notified and asked if a new agreement is required.

All the team at FTL are helpful, always provide a great level of service and respond in a timely manner. I would highly recommend FTL as a supplier."

Procurement Team Leader for a global industrial OEM


"Our powder blenders were prone to intermittent and unpredictable failure, leading to unscheduled downtime and disruption. There were also issues with loss of vacuum and contaminant ingress on our dryers with packed gland seal arrangements, not to mention the added complications of ATEX compliance to address. FTL conducted engineering surveys of both the problematic dryer and blender assets and proposed solutions to address the specific challenges.

The MECO AH seals designed, supplied and installed by FTL have proven to be ideal. The split design has made all seals more serviceable and has significantly reduced the downtime taken for seal maintenance, rebuild or overhaul. Seal health can be monitored easily, and action taken to adjust without the expenses of callout charges and investment in specialist tools. We simply don't have seal failure any more.

The support from FTL was excellent during the initial installation and commissioning, as well as the ongoing customer service support and technical advice over the last five years. We would have no hesitation in recommending FTL based on their unique sealing solutions, professional approach and excellent support."

Senior Mechanical Engineer at a global pharmaceutical giant based in Scotland


"FTL Technology are a very professional company who ensure they complete the task they've been set. We couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Maintenance Manager at a leading nutraceutical company


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