Positive Displacement Pump Sealing Solutions

Extending Positive Displacement Pump service life with innovative engineered sealing solutions.

Positive Displacement Pump Sealing Solutions

FTL Technology has years of experience designing sealing solutions for positive displacement (PD) pumps, recognizing the operational requirements and characteristics of these pump types and how they influence the appropriate sealing system choice.

Benefits of FTL's sealing solutions for PD pumps include:

  • Longer service life than conventional packings and chevron seals
  • Self-lubricating properties
  • Cost savings possible with removal of certain lubrication systems
  • Provide reduced low pressure leakage
  • Can be supplied in cartridge form for easy installation
  • Low friction resulting in low power loss
  • Dry running capabilities
  • Live loading allows for controlled wear loss
  • Packing materials suitable for use in abrasive media

Extended service life is critically important within these applications and FTL has developed sealing systems to meet this requirement.  Often, single point sealing elements are used. Our sealing specialists recognise that the seal is only as good as the dynamic interface made with the running surface. Finding the balance between seal wear, friction and leakage rates is often a compromise. Demands on the running surface are very high, and when this demand is not  controlled, “grooving” of the shaft is a common problem.

FTL uses low friction materials and cartridge design seal assemblies which can be less demanding on the running surface, extending the life of the pump by establishing an alternative running surface. It is important to recognise the financial implications of achieving fine tolerances and optimal running characteristics. Engineers at FTL Technology work in collaboration to find the correct balance between what’s required for pump performance and seal performance.

Positive displacement pumps are often run dry during their duty cycle, and during these short periods the demand on the seal is increased significantly. FTL Technology has a positive track record of providing bespoke solutions for these exacting applications. By utilising appropriate fillers to compliment PTFE seals, our sealing specialists are able to offer self-lubricating seal assemblies.

Positive displacement pumps are prone to misalignment and shaft deflection when they are under loads that potentially compromise the seal performance. Engineers at FTL have developed elastomer-energised PTFE seals able to accommodate misalignment levels above the mechanical restraints of the pump itself

  • Seals for PD Pumps

    Seals for Positive Displacement Pumps

  • Design Collaboration

    As FTL has worked extensively on Positive Displacement (PD) pump sealing solutions for a number of years we are ideally placed to assist and advise on the most effective material selection, material finish and geometry of interfacing components to optimise seal design.

  • Industries and Applications


    • Forging and Extrusion Presses
    • Tank and Vessel Cleaning
    • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
    • Ships and Submarine Descaling
    • Mining Roof Supports


    • Coke Oven Door Cleaning
    • Hydromechanical Descaling (during hot rolling)
    • Fire Resistance Fluids

    Oil & Gas

    • Umbilical Flushing
    • Hydrostatic Units
    • Descaling
    • Glycol/Methanol Injection
  • Operating Parameters
    • Pressure 800 to 40,000 PSI (50 to 2,700 bar)
    • Temperatures up to 280C
    • Speed up to 2m/s

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Positive Displacement Pump Sealing Solutions FTL Technology design supply custom positive displacement pump sealing solutions for customer's specific application requirements.
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