Plunger Pump Sealing Solutions

Solving Sealing Challenges for Demanding Applications

Plunger Pump Sealing Solutions

For many years, FTL Technology has provided reliable high performance sealing systems into critical plunger pump applications across all industrial markets. Our expertise and experience working on the fluid (wet) end has seen us establish sealing solutions that deliver and exceed the standards of sealing and reliability expected by today’s pump manufacturers and end users.

Plunger pumps are reciprocating pumps suitable for use in high pressure applications of up to 4,000 bar. Unlike piston pumps, the high pressure seal in a plunger pump is stationary – with a cylindrical plunger pushing through the seal. Pressure within the cylinder chamber actuates the valve at both suction and discharge points.

Plunger pumps are also commonly referred to as Ultra High Pressure plunger pumps (UHP), High Pressure plunger pumps (HP), Triplex pumps or Quintuplex pumps, depending on application.

  • Innovation at our fingertips

    FTL Technology continue to work extensively on challenges faced by plunger pump manufacturers and have developed solutions to address issues in the following

    • Cross head seals
    • Dump valves
    • Low pressure sealing
    • High pressure sealing (gland packing)
  • Design collaboration

    As FTL has worked extensively on plunger pump sealing solutions for a number of years we are ideally placed to assist and advise on the most effective material selection, material finish and geometry of interfacing components to optimise seal design.

  • Advantages of well-maintained plunger pumps
    • Longer service life than conventional packings and chevron seals
    • Self-lubricating properties
    • Cost savings possible with removal of certain lubrication systems
    • Provide reduced low pressure leakage
    • Can be supplied in cartridge form for easy installation
    • Low friction resulting in low power loss
    • Dry running capabilities
    • Live loading allows for controlled wear loss
    • Packing materials suitable for use in abrasive media
  • Industries and Applications


    • Forging and Extrusion Presses
    • Tank and Vessel Cleaning
    • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
    • Ships and Submarine Descaling
    • Mining Roof Supports



    • Coke Oven Door Cleaning
    • Hydromechanical Descaling (during hot rolling)
    • Fire Resistance Fluids


    Oil & Gas

    • Umbilical Flushing
    • Hydrostatic Units
    • Descaling
    • Glycol/Methanol Injection
  • Operating Parameters
    • Pressure 800 to 40,000 PSI (50 to 2,700 bar)
    • Temperatures up to 280C
    • Speed up to 2m/s

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