Library of industry and product focused brochures available to download.

Brochures - General
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FTL Technology Company Brochure

An brief overview of FTL Technology's engineering capabilities.

Brochures - Sealing
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Rotary Seals Brochure

Rotary sealing solutions for a wide range of heavy duty industrial applications.

Mechanical Face Seals Brochure

High performance mechanical face seals that can endure some of the harshest operating environments in the world, including heavy agriculture and mining.

Heavy Industry Sealing

FTL Technology offer comprehensive sealing solutions that perform under extreme temperature and pressure, engineered for the heavy industries.

MECO Seals for ATEX Applications

MECO seals can be designed for certain explosive atmosphere applications where EN 94/9/EC must be adhered to.

Brochures - Driveline
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Engineered Sealing Solutions for Enhanced Vehicle Mobility (CTIS) Brochure

A Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) provides complete control over a vehicle’s tire pressures from the driver’s seat or remote access.

Brochures - Food & Pharma
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MECO Shaft Seals - Product Profile

Custom shaft seals for Food Process Machinery.

Engineered Sealing Solutions for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

An overview of FTL Technology's high performance sealing solutions specifically developed for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

MECO Custom Shaft Seals for Food Process

MECO seals offer clean and cost-effective sealing solutions for effective sealing solutions for a variety of food processes.

Brochures - Oil & Gas
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Varipig - Multi-diameter Pipeline Pigging

VariPig has the ability to run on the pipe centreline in multi-diameter pipelines, providing support in all diameters including large diameter pipeline changes.

Brochures - Pumps
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Packing and Gaskets Brochure

High performance compression packings and gaskets for valves, pumps and other static, semi-static and reciprocating equipment.

Plunger Pump Sealing Solutions

FTL Technology design and supply custom plunger pump sealing solutions specific to your application requirements.

Positive Displacement Pump Sealing Solutions

FTL Technology has years of experience designing sealing solutions for positive displacement (PD) pumps, recognizing the operational requirements and characteristics of these pump types and how they influence the appropriate sealing system choice.

Positive Displacement Pump Sealing factsheet

Download your introduction to custom sealing solutions for Positive Displacement Pumps.

Brochures - Valves
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High Performance Sealing Solutions for Valve Industries Brochure

High performance sealing solutions certified to API specifications, equipped to perform against temperature, pressure extremes, variable flow rates and chemically aggressive media.

Packings and Gaskets Brochure

High performance compression packings and gaskets for valves, pumps and other static, semi-static and reciprocating equipment.

Brochures - Power
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RodasRam Brochure

Nitrogen actuated mill loading system for use in pulverizing coal in power stations.

Sealing Solutions for large bore diesel and gas engines

Large bore diesel and gas engines are designed to deliver extended periods of runtime with minimal disruption for repair or maintenance.

RodasRam - Product Profile

RodasRam™; the Nitrogen-only actuated Mill Loading System.

Brochures - Transportation
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Contitech Airspring Systems

Contitech Airsprings are best visualised as a hybrid pneumatic cylinder combined vibration isolator.

PTFE Compounds

High performance PTFE automotive components.

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