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Pneumatic Seals

FTL Technology has a distinguished pedigree supplying pneumatic seals across a wide range of industries. Our expert engineers understand the unique requirements of an application, translating this into a pneumatic seal specification that will delivery outstanding performance in the field.

Ensuring that a pneumatic seal system performs efficiently without leakage is the primary goal when specifying a suitable pneumatic seal system. Pneumatic seals themselves stay leak free by minimising friction and wear. This is achieved by a complex combination of material performance and geometric design. Since pressures are generally limited to 10 bar, the use of single system rod, piston and wiper seals are typically used. 

Rod Seals

Rod seals are installed in reciprocating equipment to retain compressed air or oil under high pressure. They should operate individually or in combination with other rod seals to produce an efficient leak-free system. The design and material of rod seals varies greatly and is dependent on the specific application. Your FTL Technology engineer will use their sealing experience to specify the right design for any application in any relevant industry.

Wiper Seals

Wipers, or scrapers, are used to scrape dirt, foreign particles and moisture from shafts as they retract into the system, preventing damage to internal components. FTL Technology can supply wiper seals in metal, PUR, NBR, FKM and filled PTFE materials to meet the specific demands of any application. Wiper seals can be adapted for operation in pneumatic, hydraulic or heavy duty systems, improving sealing efficiency and protecting equipment against unscheduled downtime.

Piston Seals

FTL Technology offers a wide range of piston seal solutions, with any design carefully considered for optimal alignment to your application. Pistol seals can operate either individually or in compact form as a double-acting system to ensure the control or eradication of leakage across the piston. Our engineers can help to develop a piston seal solution suitable between 10 bar pressure and over 400 bars, where high extrusion resistance is critical.

  • Low friction
  • High sealing efficiency
  • Simple installation
  • Large thermal temperature range

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