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General Purpose Compression Packing

FTL Technology has provided compression packing solutions for all kinds of industries and applications, with the expertise and experience to recommend the most suitable pump and valve packing for any given application. Wherever your operational challenges lie, from wear resistance and flexibility through to high performance under temperature and pressure extremes, there is a packing material with the adaptations you need.

Many specialist braids are ideally suited to the HTHP demands of oil and gas applications. Some have the necessary certifications to be employed in food and pharmaceutical processing. If you are looking for a general application compression packing for your valves and pumps, our engineers can customise an optimal sealing solution which reduces your downtime and costs along with your leakage.

Considerations for general compression packing

The main factors to be determined when selecting the right braid combination are:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Operating speed
  • Media type

Once these have been identified, we can establish the packing material and arrangement which would deliver the best results. Take a look at some of our most popular general purpose packings - and their operational limits.

How can we help? Click here to view all types of Compression Packings. Contact our team for any requirements with packing, or chat with us online.

Product Product Reference  Pressure [Bar]    Speed [m/s]   Temperature [°C] pH Resistance                              Material                           
 Rotary PumpsPlunger Pumps Valves Static  Rotary PumpsPlunger Pumps 
 Y1 Compression Packing Y1 16    6  -20 to 100 6-9Rotary pump packing Diagonal braided from fine cotton yarn.
Impregnated with a mineral lubricant with graphite.
 A1 Compression Packing A1 20  100  12  -50 to 150 2-12Ideal for drinking water applications.
Braided from acrylic yarns.
Special PTFE impregnation.
Silicon oil lubricant.
 78 Compression Packing78 25  100  26  -50 to 280 1-13Universal packing for abrasive media and shaft deflection.
Braided from aramid yarn.
A special PTFE impregnation.
Silicon-free lubricant.
 72 Compression Packing72 25 250   25 2 -50 to 280 1-13Pump packing for high shaft speeds and abrasive media.
Braided from PTFE-graphite compound yarn with wear resistant multifilament aramid yarn in corners.
Silicon-free lubricant.
 AG Compression PackingAG 25    20  -50 to 280 1-13Rotary pump packing.
Special braiding structure of a dense and smooth running graphite filled PTFE yarn in combination with a strong aramid yarn.
 BG Compression PackingBG 25    25  -50 to 280 1-13Diagonally braided from a white meta-aramid yarn.
A silicon-free lubricant.
 EG Compression PackingEG    10   -50 to 1100 5-9Made from high quality silicid-acid yarn.
Special high temperature resistant impregnation.
 FG Compression PackingFG    10   -50 to 500 5-9Glass fibre packing made with a special graphite impregnation.
 GG Compression PackingGG   10    -50 to 750 5-9Special engineered very high temperature glass yarn packing with Inconel reinforcement.
Additional high temperature impregnation. 
 96  1000    -200 to 500 ( 700 for steam) 0-14 
 HG Compression PackingHG  300    -30 to 400 ( 550 for steam) Made of flexible carbon yarn and a special graphite-based impregnation. 
 KG Compression PackingKG 40    40  -100 to 280 0-13Braided from pure expanded graphite yarn.
Aramid yarn reinforced corners.
Silicone-free running-in lubricant. 
 LG Compression PackingLG 25  250  25  -200 to 450 ( 650 for steam) 0-14Braided from pure expanded graphite yarn. 
 MG Compression PackingMG 25 450   25 -30 to 450 ( 550 for steam)  0-14Made of expanded flexible graphite yarn with carbon yarn corners. 
 NG Compression PackingNG 25    25  -50 to 300 0-14Made of high purity, pre impregnated carbon yarn.
Silicon free running in lubricant. 
 PG Compression PackingPG 25    25  -50 to 280 1-13Carbonised yarn with a special PTFE-graphite impregnation.
Silicon free running in lubricant. 
 77 Compression Packing77 25  160  6  -30 to 250 0-14Extruded packing.
Made of PTFE graphite compound. 


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