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FEC Compression Packing

Fugitive Emission Control (FEC)

Improperly sealed valves are responsible for hundreds of tonnes of fugitive emissions each year. This has significant implications for the environment, but there are also major legislative and cost-saving pressures on controlling fugitive emissions more effectively.

FTL braided packing and gasket solutions are at the cutting-edge of material technology in this field, offering the optimal combinations of sealing components to cut fugitive emissions to an absolute minimum, whatever your specific operating environment may be.

FTL Technology have engineered a combination of sealing elements as part of an custom FEC kit. These FEC kits combine the extrusion resistance of mechanical packing with the advantages of a high performance elastomer seal. Our FEC kits are customised to the precise requirements of your application.

Applications for FEC kits include valve OEMs and MRO for oil and gas, as well as food, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing.

FEC Sealing Sets: The Benefits

  • Meet safety obligations and regulations more efficiently
  • Minimise economic losses due to gas or other product leaks
  • Increased environmental responsibility

Tailored Sealing Solutions

FTL Technology positions itself as the partner of choice for fully customised, engineered sealing solutions using the latest sealing technologies. Following onsite technical surveys to determine the scope and scale of your requirements, FTL Technology will create a fugitive emission control sealing system which is both technically and commercially viable.

All FTL Technology fugitive emission control products conform to TA Luft legislature, and are compliant with ISO 15848, API 589 and API 622.

TA-LUFT Accreditation                ISO 15848 Accreditation                 API 589 Accreditation                API 622 Accreditation






*FTL Packings comply with the above certifications. For specific grades, contact an application engineer.


Product Reference

Pressure [Bar]  

 Speed [m/s]

Temperature [◦C]

pH Resistance 


Rotary Pumps 

 Plunger Pumps



 Rotary Pumps

Plunger Pumps

JG Compression Packing 





 -200 to 450 ( 650 for steam)


  High purity expanded graphite materials

QG FEC Compression Packing 





 -200 to 280


  High grade impregnated non-woven materials

RG FEC Compression Packing 





 -200 to 280


High grade impregnated non-woven materials

SG FEC Compression Packing 





 -200 to 400 ( 550 for steam)


Braided expanded graphite end rings with carbon corners

High density expanded graphite disks with permeation barrier

Uniquely impregnated high density expanded graphite adapter rings

Uniquely impregnated low density expanded graphite sealing ring with special friction, reducing coating  

qTG FEC Compression Packing 





  -200 to 400 ( 550 for steam)


  Five packing rings made from laminated carbon nonwoven / expanded graphite foil and additionally coated with a special high temperature impregnation


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