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What are PTFE Compounds?

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What are PTFE Compounds?
What are PTFE Compounds?

FTL Technology has over 500 high performance PTFE components for engineers to choose from, each with their unique design features and benefits for various applications.

Many offer wide temperature ranges (from -260° to +280°C) and are universally resistance.

These benefits give design engineers a plethora of possible solutions and protection from unpredictable interference factors.

PTFE compounds are simply a mixture of raw materials used to produce a superior compound, with thousands of formulations used in product lines to meet even the most stringent customer requirements.

Products made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE/TFM) and PTFE/TFM compounds are used in virtually all industrial sectors employing state-of-the-art technology and in all fields of engineering - in the automotive industry, plant and mechanical engineering, the electrical industry and in medical technology as well.

These compounds can be adapted individually to suit the specific application profile.

One of the top fully fluorinated materials is PTFE, which is a partially crystalline compound made from tetrafluoroethylene (TFE). It has a melting temperature of 327 °C and a very high molecular weight of up to 108 g/mol; however results in such a high melting viscosity that processing requires special pressing and sintering techniques or so-called paste extrusion technology.

What are PTFE compound properties?

  • Virtually unlimited chemical resistance
  • Operating temperatures ranging from -250°C to +250°C
  • No water absorption
  • No cracking
  • No ageing
  • High levels of anti-adhesive properties
  • The lowest friction coefficient of all solid substances and excellent dielectric properties.

The physical properties of PTFE compounds can be influenced via organic and inorganic fillers. However, to optimise such properties as wear resistance, friction and cold flow behaviour, the PTFE compounder must be able to draw on extensive experience, combined with the requisite technical equipment.

 Which industries use PTFE lip seals?

Industrial, medical technology and automotive applications are increasingly using compressed air. Dry-running compressors are suitable for such applications. As a matter of fact, oil-free systems are a prerequisite for using small, mobile compressors to generate air. A vast array of seals and guiding elements made from PTFE compounds are available for oil-free operations. The air generated by these compressors is clean, oil-free and odourless.

For over 40 years, ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik has been offering a comprehensive range of PTFE high performance plastics for seals and engineering design elements. These plastics solutions are used in a large variety of different products and product versions.

What about PTFE Shaft Seals?

Our PTFE shaft seals- made from such compounds- can be tailored specifically to any application, including the Food and Pharmaceutical industry. We have two standard ranges available on short lead times:

  1. The HN2390 range covers applications up to 20m/s and pressures up to 10 bar.
  2. Our HN2580 extends the speed range to 30m/s with a pressure limit of 0.5bar.

To speak to an engineer about selecting the right PTFE compound for your part, please give us a call on 0113 252 1061 or get in touch today.

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