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FTL Celebrate US National Petroleum Day

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FTL Celebrate US National Petroleum Day
FTL Celebrate US National Petroleum Day

FTL Technology is celebrating National Petroleum Day with our friends from across the pond.

Americans mark National Petroleum Day on 27th August, the anniversary of Edwin L. Drake's discovery of petroleum in 1858, in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

The petroleum industry in the United States has come a long way over the last 200 years. The United States is the third largest oil-producing nation in the world (behind only Saudi Arabia and Russia), with 747 oil rotary rigs in current production.

Daily oil exports from the country are in the region of 5.54m bbl and in 2010, the U.S. consumed an average of 19 million barrels of crude oil and petroleum products per day.

So, why is FTL Technology celebrating?

FTL Technology- Varipig

FTL Technology has worked on critical sealing applications within the oil and gas industry for many years.

Choosing the right sealing components for oil and gas applications is vital for ensuring operator safety, equipment reliability and minimal downtime.

We understand that sealing components used within this industry face exposure to extreme temperatures, high pressure and chemical aggression. Our services are as unique as your application requirements and our team of engineers are on hand to engineer a solution to perform in any environment.

How we can help: Varipig for Pipeline Cleaning

FTL Technology- Varipig

In the oil and gas industry, the buildup of dirt and other contaminants within pipelines is a key concern. The pipeline interior surfaces start smooth and clean, but just like arteries in the body, they soon get clogged up and need to be pigged. The range of pipeline pigging systems in use continues to grow.

In VariPig, FTL Technology has designed a next-generation pipeline system that has multi-diameter capability for various pig sizes.

VariPig can accommodate diameter changes in operation, launching within a small diameter pipeline, then increasing into a larger diameter pipeline, before subsequently re-entering into a smaller diameter section of pipeline.

This expansion and contraction results in a much more complete scrape, taking the pipeline back to a like-new condition. There are significant advantages from this, including but not restricted to reduced operating costs and improved operational reliability.

Why VariPig?:

  • Capable of running multi-diameter pipelines with large diameter differentials
  • Centreline running capability, low disc wear
  • Low drive pressure – reduced running cost
  • Ability to pass Tee’s and Wye’s
  • Ability to operate in tight bends
  • Self Supporting – reduces wear on discs
  • Controlled rotation giving even wear on discs
  • 3D solid modelling ensures functionality
  • Re-deployable asset

FTL Technology has helped customers across the world to solve complex multi-diameter pipeline pigging problems, offering Design and Feasibility studies for more problematic projects.

Please read the following Case Study on a recent pigging project or alternatively, read more information here in our VariPig brochure.

If you’re looking to speak to an engineer regarding a pigging strategy, inspection, assessment or VariPig system, please call 0113 252 1061 or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Elsewhere, how are the elastomer components specially engineered for the oil industry?

The Pump BPMA Industry Association

 FTL Technology are fully accredited with the British Pump Manufacturers Association. What’s more, all components are tested and meet the industry standards below:

NORSOK M710: Standard for non-metallic sealing for permanent use subsea, control systems, gas systems and valves

NACE: Nomenclature of Economic Activities (European industrial activity classification)

API 6A: Petroleum and natural gas industries – Drilling and production equipment wellhead standards

ISO 10423: Petroleum and gas industries

We supply the industry with a selection of products from Reciprocating Shaft Seals for High-Pressure Performance to Static Seals and Valve and Pump Packings.

If you work in the Oil & Gas industry and would like to speak to an engineer about any of the products above, please give us a call on 0113 252 1061 or get in touch via our Contact page today.

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