Exclusive Interview: Neil Thompson, President of IDEX Sealing Soutions

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Exclusive Interview: Neil Thompson, President of IDEX Sealing Soutions
Exclusive Interview: Neil Thompson, President of IDEX Sealing Soutions

2019 is already looking like a very busy year at FTL Technology and it may not feel like it, but it’s also the second anniversary of Neil Thompson, President of IDEX Sealing Solutions.

Time has certainly flown by as it was only a few years ago we revealed that Neil was joining the IDEX family; so we thought we’d treat him to a quick celebratory coffee break- as you do for any work anniversary!

While we had him cornered, Neil answered a few of our questions on his industry background and how he’s settled into his role…

How did you first get into the sealing industry?

This was actually my first role in a specialist sealing business. Although from an engineering background – working mostly for product and manufacturing companies – I’ve been involved with the design and use of seals for most of my working life.

So what convinced you to join the IDEX family?

I was initially approached by IDEX to look at the Sealing Solutions platform as a new career opportunity. I liked the innovative sealing technologies, and the IDEX narrow focus on select markets. But it was mostly the culture at IDEX. There’s a real ambition here to change lives and to run business in a different way. I’ve seen a real effort to create a truly unique company from everyone I’ve met here.

What does your role entail?

I help each of the four IDEX Sealing Solutions businesses realize their full potential, by working with committed teams and leaders to deliver value to customers.

It’s been two years since you arrived at IDEX. In your opinion, what have been your key achievements since you came to the business?

As soon as I arrived I wanted to bring a clear vision of what IDEX Sealing Solutions and all the businesses- FTL Technology, Precision Polymer Engineering and Novotema- will be in the future. I think the two biggest elements to this vision are building teams of talented people to execute a solid strategy of growth, and also driving IDEX 8020 Customer Obsession to give our customers whatever they need, wherever they are.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced?

Definitely the creation of the Sealing Solutions platform was a significant challenge. Another one is ongoing, and that’s building the capability we need in order to scale our business to where it can be in the future.

Finally, what do you hope to achieve with FTL Technology and IDEX in 2019 and beyond?

I want to make the IDEX Difference central to everything we do. That way we will create a truly differentiated company. Customers will reward us with their continued business and our owners and employees will benefit from the continued success of the company.

A big thank you to Neil Thompson for his time, and we wish him continued success in his role as President at IDEX Sealing Solutions.

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