Oil and Gas

Custom-engineered sealing solutions for oil and gas

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is infamous for its unique set of sealing requirements. At FTL Technology, our teams have been working on applications within the oil and gas industry for a number of years and have a wealth of knowledge around sealing challenges.

Choosing the right sealing components for oil and gas applications is vital for ensuring operator safety, equipment reliability and minimal downtime. We understand that all seals and components used within this industry face exposure to extreme temperatures, high pressure and intense chemical aggression.

That’s why we offer services which are as unique as your application requirements, our team can advise on elastomer materials and components to completely bespoke custom designs which cover oil and gas and a number of global industries.

Engineered solutions for high performance

FTL Technology works with a suite of cutting-edge elastomers, developed to resist Explosive Decompression (ED) and Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) across downhole, surface and subsea applications. From offshore wells to Arctic exploration, our oil and gas sealing solutions are engineered to perform in any environment.

The elastomer components we use are specially engineered for the demands of the oil and gas industry, and tested to industry standards including:

NORSOK M710: Standard for non-metallic sealing for permanent use subsea, control systems, gas systems and valves
NACE: Nomenclature of Economic Activities (European industrial activity classification)
API 6A: Petroleum and natural gas industries– Drilling and production equipment wellhead standards
ISO 10423: Petroleum and gas industries

How can we help?

Our team of engineering experts can advise on where best to start with your application requirements. We offer comprehensive support and services to aid you in finding the perfect solution for your sealing needs. From consultancy to custom designs, we are also keen to keep in mind a number of environmental health and safety principles.


Products for Oil & Gas

Below is a selection of the most common products we supply to the oil & gas industry. Visit the Products page to see the full range.

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