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Frequently asked questions related to the Services we offer at FTL

Q. What products do FTL offer?

A. FTL Technology is a leading manufacturer of engineered sealing solutions for a variety of industries. Our product range includes an extensive range of seals, bearings, packings and gaskets. Through constant research and development, FTL Technology’s product offering is continuously expanding in both scope and quality.

Q. What lead times can I expect from FTL Technology?

A. Companies across the world rely on FTL Technology for our combination of custom-engineered solutions and responsive service. We work with critical applications on a daily basis, and when it comes to downtime we understand that every second counts. Our global supplier network is primed to act fast, whether it be standard or custom products which are required - and you will always be kept in the loop with honest, up-to-date information on lead times.

Q. How do I find a sealing specialist for my industry?

A. We are fortunate at FTL Technology to be able to call upon an incredible breadth of engineering expertise, when it comes to designing and implementing the perfect sealing solution. Whatever your industry, there is a specialist at FTL able to provide the tailored service your operations deserve. Find your expert at our Meet the Team page.

Q. Can you show me what you've done for customers in the past?

A. We can tell you how innovative and customised our sealing solutions are, but we are incredibly proud of the fact that our customers tend to do much of the talking for us! We would encourage you to take a look at our Case Studies to get the best impression of the level of engineering support we routinely deliver.

Q. Who are FTL Technology?

A. FTL Technology is a sealing specialist providing a complete design, development and manufacturing service across all industry sectors. FTL’s fully engineered sealing solutions, combined with responsive service and technical expertise, add value to your product or process by optimizing operational performance.

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