Magnetic Flow Filters

Magnetic Flow Filters are a revolutionary product in advanced fluid conditioning. Using magnetic field effect technology, they reduce operating costs and simultaneously benefit the environment.

Through its unique patented design, it removes ferrous contaminant particles of less than one micron from a variety of fluids. This includes the smallest and most abrasive particles that are responsible for the destructive chain reaction of wear in many processes.

Unlike conventional filters it produces no pressure drop in the fluid even when the filter element is full. It has no moving parts and is available in many different sizes and designs. It also functions in a diverse range of fluid pressures, temperatures and flow rates.

The filter is easily installed in a wide variety of applications - either as part of a new system design or can be easily integrated into existing systems.

The Process

The Magnetic Flow Filter has wide flow channels that allow the process fluid to pass with zero pressure drop. As the fluid flows through the filter's field effect areas, ferrous contaminants are drawn into special collection zones. These zones hold significantly more contaminant than a conventional filter - without obstructing fluid flow or risking "wash off". Therefore, it can operate for very long periods without service and - when contaminants need to be removed - is easily cleaned and re-used.

The Benefits

The Magnetic Flow Filter reduces consumable costs and downtime, removing the most damaging contaminants without either incurring pressure drop or leading to contaminant wash-off.

Principal Applications

Large scale gearboxes

  • Coal fired power stations on coal crushing gearboxes and forced and induced fan circuit protection and epicyclic gearbox protection on the main turbine feedwater pumps
  • Sugar mills on pulp press, diffuser tower and other gearboxes
  • Cement plants on kiln gearboxes, coal crushing gearboxes and cement pulverising gearboxes
  • Aluminium and steel plants on roller gearboxes
  • Rubber manufacturing plants on mixing and drying kiln gearboxes
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers on mixing and drying gearboxes
  • Paper, pulp and plasterboard plants on roller and mixer gearboxes
  • Mining and mineral extraction large scale gearboxes (crushing, grinding, milling...)

Ferrous working machine tool coolant systems

  • Boring machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Honing machines
  • Industrial cleaning and washing machines
  • Milling machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Spark erosion machines
  • Quenching systems

Hydraulic systems

  • Off highway mobile hydraulic systems
  • Industrial static systems
  • Marine
  • Mining


  • Recirculating oil transmissions
  • Power steering systems
  • Performance engines and turbocharger systems

Water cooling and heating systems

  • Injection moulding cooling and heating systems
  • Industrial heating and cooling systems
  • Domestic heating and cooling systems


"The Magnetic Flow Filter unit has had a series of positive effects in the application. Previously the wheel successfully worked three components before it required redressing due to deteriorating surface finish. Since introducing the Magnetic Flow Filter system, we have been able to obtain a minimum of 10 components. In addition, an extension to the coolant life of 300% has been realised! Finally, Magnetic Flow Filter has been observed to remove the majority of grease and carbon - amazing!"

Andy Sagoo, Components Manager at Brook Crompton

"We made cost reduction, too, compared to the conventional disposable filters we normally supply and end-user has the added advantage of reduced future maintenance costs. Also, we've seen virtually no wear in our gear and bearing assemblies since adopting Magnetic Flow Filter technology."

David McManamon, Managing Director at Printing Press Services

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