Custom Kitting of Plunger Pump Spares

The Challenge

Hughes Pumps faced a series of challenges with the existing sealing arrangement for their plunger pumps. While effective, the existing solution presented the following limiting factors:

  • Excessive components within the sealing setup
  • Time and energy spent cutting and forming sealing packing rings
  • Unprofessional appearance of spares sent out to customers in a plastic bag

The Solution

The first step of the FTL Technology solution centered on the sealing aspect. After studying the application, our sealing engineers proposed a spiral wound packing assembly with a single loading spring and metallic header/AE rings. This solution served to both reduce the number of components in the sealing setup, but also significantly improve the lifetime of the seal as a result of a continuous ring of rope packing with no scarf cuts.

FTL Technology also offered support in the presentation and delivery of spare parts, by packing the spares kit in the order of component assembly, in a box with Hughes Pumps' own company branding.


The Benefits

As a result of FTL Technology's engineered sealing solution, Hughes Pumps enjoy a better performing seal arrangement on their plunger pumps, with reduced labour time on the cutting and formation of sealing rings, and time saved with fewer components to assemble. With no frayed ends on the rope rings, the final result looks much more polished and professional.

The custom kitting service provided has improved the efficiency of pump maintenance, with the correct parts all in the correct box in the correct order of assembly. Customer branding on the box has also saved time on the dispatching of spare kits to end customers.


How can we help?
For more information on plunger pump seals and plunger pump packing, give us a call on 0113 252 1061 or get in touch with an FTL engineer today. Alternatively, use our Online Chat service to see how we can help.

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