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Since FTL Technology started on its journey back in 1973, the company has always believed passionately in finding the best partners who deliver the best products. Today, FTL Technology is proud to have fostered an first class network of suppliers, putting its customers in the best possible hands when it comes to product sourcing.

Our supply partners share our passion for personalised service, and our belief in the importance of custom engineering for the best possible outcomes. It means that whatever your industry or application, with FTL Technology and our relationships with like-minded product specialists you can expect a sealing solution of the highest possible quality.

Supply lines are fast and reliable, resulting in quicker lead times and cutting your operational downtime to a bare minimum. Whatever your sealing challenge, FTL Technology can give you a fast, high quality solution precision engineered to your exact application.

FTL Custom Seal Kits     FTL Custom Seal Kits

*The images above showcase FTL Custom Seal Kits, cleaned and vacuum packaged.

Custom Seal Kits

At FTL Technology we can assemble a custom sealing kit, containing all the elements required to keep your application performing to its full potential.

Our team of sealing experts and engineers will recommend the components and materials to work best for the unique demands of your application. In addition, our kitting capabilities can reduce your supply chain complexity, empowering you to maintain your valve with the exact components you need. With a custom FTL Technology sealing kit reducing your downtime and keeping operational efficiency high, you can concentrate on giving the best level of service to your customers.  


How can we help? Contact our team for more on our product sourcing and kitting capabilities, or chat with us online.

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