Custom Design

Custom Design

FTL Technology knows that you can't optimise every seal system with an off-the-shelf product. If our standard products won't do the job, we'll engineer a custom sealing solution which does.

Our end-to-end service covers you from consultancy through to installation and beyond, and part of this service involves gaining a detailed understanding of the problem you are looking to solve. Next, an engineer specialised in your industry will select the optimal materials and define the best geometry, before developing a unique, personal and uncompromising sealing solution.

Together with a network of trusted global suppliers to draw on for specialist components, FTL Technology can deliver a custom seal solution perfectly aligned to the application, with levels of performance and reliability exceeding those of a standard catalogue product.

We have forged an enviable reputation for the consistently high standards of our custom seal solutions. Through the latest technologies and materials, discover how FTL Technology could add value to your products or processes and contact an engineer today.


Finite Elements Analysis (FEA)

Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) is a computer based technique used to analyse engineering applications and sealing components to understand their behaviour under a variety of conditions.  This analysis involves Finite Element Modelling (FEM) which is often used for new product design, or to refine an existing product design. This virtual environment allows FTL engineers to predict how components will perform in real-life applications.

FEA analysis typically includes:

  • Mechanical stress
  • Mechanical vibration
  • Fatigue
  • Motion
  • Heat transfer
  • Fluid flow/mould flow


Need help with component modelling and analysis?   Contact us or chat with our experts online.

Custom-engineered products: some success stories

LEAKAGE: an equipment manufacturer experienced leakage with an standard O-ring they had sized for a groove. FTL Technology examined the application parameters (temperature, pressure, chemical media) and recommended an alternative custom sized O-ring that was better suited to the operating conditions and groove dimensions.

RETAINING FORCE: a customer required a custom frame seal design that incorporated retaining lugs to ensure the seal remained in position during transportation. The necessary retaining force was carefully calculated in order to facilitate easy removal and assembly of the seal in the groove.

PROTOTYPING: a customer needed a new lip seal for a project. After designing several alternative geometries and prototypes, FTL Technology was entrusted to select the most appropriate and make improvements to the final design. This considerably shortened the prototyping stage of the customer’s new product development.

TROUBLESHOOTING: an O-ring, which was correctly dimensioned for the groove, was leaking. An inspection of the customer’s product assembly line revealed that there was a parting line located in the O-ring groove. The plastic product had been moulded with sharp parting lines which were causing damage to the O-ring, resulting in unreliable sealing performance.

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