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Our fundamental strength is problem solving, optimizing operation processes with custom seal solutions. From extending cleaning and maintenance intervals through to improving equipment performance and lifespan, we thrive when given a challenge.

We provide a comprehensive consultancy service to deliver innovative yet functional solutions, and to meet the current and future needs of clients across all industry sectors.

Our skilled team of qualified engineers work with the latest materials and technologies, solving application challenges across food & pharmaceuticals, transportation, oil & gas, steel and power generation.

We’re more than just a component supplier. By applying our years of engineering experience of skills and expertise, we provide a comprehensive consultancy service, component design and development, site audits, and custom engineered sealing solutions.

Coupled with a responsive service from a global network of strategic suppliers, FTL Technology optimises products and processes to add value across your operations.

Contact us today to learn more about FTL Technology and how we can help you improve equipment performance, advance technology and get the results you want.

FTL & IDEX Sealing Solutions

FTL Technology operates alongside Precision Polymer Engineering and Novotema and is part of the IDEX Sealing Solutions group of companies (a Unit of IDEX Corporation).

IDEX Sealing Solutions comprises companies that focus on precision engineered sealing solutions to support and enable equipment used in critical applications, in some of the world's most demanding environments.

Key markets include oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceutical/medical, food and beverage, semiconductor, gas control, industrial equipment and automotive/transportation.

IDEX Sealing Solutions companies specialize in providing the optimum solution based on component design, material characteristics and operating requirements, to ensure maximum safety, efficiency and reliability.

IDEX Corporation is an applied solutions provider serving niche markets worldwide. IDEX is a leader in creating enabling technology and improving business prospects for a diverse customer set across the globe.

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