Rotary Seals

custom_rotary_sealsFTL Technology has a distinguished pedigree as provider of sealing and engineered solutions. Rotary seal systems are a crucial part of this
capability and critical to the reliability and durability of many types of 
mechanical equipment and machinery. Our reputation for rotary seals is
built on our unique ability to offer solutions which are tailored to specific applications and deliver levels of performance without compromise. Whilst standard rotary seal products are available from stock, more complex
systems can be designed to meet the high performance requirements of more complex, market specific applications. This gives FTL Technology a platform to help more businesses from a greater range of markets, manufacture more reliable products or operate their equipment with greater productivity and efficiency. Our business philosophy revolves around partnerships that incorporate honesty, integrity, collaboration. Our rotary seal product offering
is underpinned with a support team who ensure that you receive the correct
parts where and when you require them.

Critical to the reliability of any rotary seal system is the surface condition of the dynamic interface.  Because there is such a wide diversity of applications, the same shaft specification will not always achieve the optimum result. FTL has a wealth of experience to specify the material and manufacturing process to ensure that the rotary seal performance is not limited by an inappropriate material specification.

Discuss your rotary seal requirements today by calling our sealing experts on 0845 120 7415, or alternatively you can send an email detailing your sealing problem in need of a customised solution.   

Products Available 

Item 2 - Rotary Shaft SealRotary Shaft Seals
Item 3 - Heavy Duty Rotary SealsHeavy Duty Rotary Seals 
Item 4 - Mechanical Face SealMechanical Face Seals
Item 8 - Meco Seals
MECO Seals
Item 6 - PTFE Shaft SealPTFE Shaft Seals
Item 10 & 31- PTFE Spring Energised (Type 1)PTFE Spring Energized Seals
Item 7 - Mill Lower Air Seals
Mill Lower Air Seals

Item 9 - Laminar RingsLabyrinth Rings

Item 59 - Cassette Seals
Cassette Seals

Item 5 - CTIS Comb.Central Tire Inflation Systems



Industries Supported for Rotary Seals