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A library of FTL's brochures, certificates and documents available to download. Please login to view all of FTL's resources.

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Engineered Sealing Solutions for Enhanced Vehicle Mobility (CTIS) Brochure

A Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) provides complete control over a vehicle’s tire pressures from the driver’s seat.

Heavy Industry Sealing

FTL Technology offers expertise and experience working closely with heavy industrial clients, from mining and forestry through to engine manufacturing and motorsport.

High Performance Sealing Solutions for Valve Industries Brochure

High performance sealing solutions certified to API specifications, equipped to perform against temperature, pressure extremes, variable flow rates and chemically aggressive media.

Mechanical Face Seals Brochure

Mechanical face seals need to perform in some of the harshest operating environments in the world, including heavy agriculture and mining.

Packing and Gaskets Brochure

High performance compression packings and gaskets for valves, pumps and other static, semi-static and reciprocating equipment.

RodasRam Brochure

Nitrogen actuated mill loading system for use in pulverizing coal in power stations.

Rotary Seals Brochure

Rotary seals play a critical role in a wide range of heavy duty industrial applications.

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Contitech Airspring System

Contitech Airspring Systems, a part of the giant Continental Corporation manufacture a range of air spring systems now available in UK for the first time from FTL Seals Technology of Leeds.

Custom Shaft Seals for Food Process Machinery

MECO Shaft Seals offer clean and cost-effective sealing solutions for a variety of food processes.

Custom Shaft Seals for plastics process machinery

MECO seals offer plastics manufacturers effective, reliable shaft sealing for a wide variety of machinery handling seal products.

New polyester and plain rapped bearing

Glycodur® RPL and RPH are solid polymer bearings which are economically manufactured in one step using an automatic injection mouding process.

Spring Energised Elastomer and Polymer U-Rings

Spring-energized seals are single acting sealing elements primarily used for sealing reciprocating pistons and rods.

Case Studies
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Central Tyre Inflation System (CTI)

A Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) provides complete control over a vehicle’s tire pressures from the driver’s seat.

Elastomer & Polymer Materials Designation Trade names

Elastomer and polymer material designation trade names.

General Technical Data - ISO Tolerances & Conversion Tables

Technical information on ISO Tolerances & Conversion Tables

Longer Life for PF Mill Cylinders

FTL Technology are now manufacturing a new nitrogen actuated cylinder for the Power Generation and Cement industries.

Magnetic Flow Filter

Magnetic Flow Filters are a revolutionary product in advanced fluid conditioning.

Physical properties of elastomers and glossary of Material Codes

Technical information on the physical properties of elastomers and a glossary of material codes.

Sealing Solutions for Wind Turbines

Well proven radial lip seals, specially designed for wind turbines are available in NBR, HNBR and viton materials.

Certificates & Policies
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Achilles Supplier Quality Policy

FTL Technology are an approved supplier to the Oil industry by Achilles.

Environmental Policy

FTL Technology's policy on environmental issues

Health & Safety Policy

FTL Technology's policy on health & safety

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Through continuous improvement FTL Technology is committed to establishing the highest industry standards for Health, Safety, Quality, Value, Service, Delivery, Technology and Environment.

Quality Policy

FTL Technology's policy on quality

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